JAN 12-14, 2023



Visit the CONFERENCE PREP page for more information.

2022 - 2023 DEADLINES

September 24 – Scholarship Registration
October 7 – Scholarship Submissions
November 15 – Playwriting Submissions
November 30 – Registration
December 15 – Late Registration


Visit the following pages to get more information.

This page has general information about the organization as well as contact information for the board of directors.

This page has information about the conference, including schedules and how to access the conference guidebook.

Information about how and when to register.

This page has the information for both students and teachers about how to audition or present for colleges and universities prior to the conference.

This page has all of the details of how to submit an original play to the playwriting festival.

This page has a list of all of the colleges, universities, and exhibitors who will be participating in the conference.