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Seniors who plan on majoring in Theatre at a college or university have the opportunity to submit a video audition or presentation to be reviewed by University Representatives. These representatives have the opportunity to offer scholarships.

  1. Teachers nominate students using the Scholarship Registration Form by October 7.

  2. ACTING AUDITION- students prepare a two minute audition video and a resume.
    THEATRE ARTS PRESENTATION- students prepare a portfolio, a two-minute presentation video, and a resume.

  3. Students submit their audition/presentation material on the Scholarship Submission Form before October 18.

  4. A “call back” list will be posted on the website listing the students the universities will be reaching out to. Each university will handle their “call backs” differently. Some universities may contact the students directly, and some universities may ask the students to contact them. Most colleges will be available at the UTA conference in January for further discussions. Details will be provided on the call back list.

Information Packet

Step-by-step information is available for both the Acting Auditions and the Theatre Arts Presentations here: Information Packet

Scholarship Registration Form

In order for a student to participate in the scholarship auditions and presentations, they must be nominated by their teacher by filling out the Scholarship Registration Form.

Each school can nominate up to FIVE students for the Acting Screening Auditions, and up to FIVE students for the Theatre Arts Screening Presentations. The Scholarship Registration is due October 7.

Scholarship Submission Form

Use this form to submit all of your audition and presentation materials. All of these materials must be submitted by October 18.

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